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You can make Unique Courses and Various Areas of your Own Expertise. We have lots of categories begging for the  expertise that you have. 

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If you’re looking for ways on how to become a Kindemy Instructor and create your own online courses then you are in luck as anyone can teach on Kindemy. You can also become a premium instructor and charge your students. The application is quick, simple and free usuall
1. Choose and Validate a Topic 2. Assess the competition 3. Understand Kindemy requirements 4. Learn about Kindemy course creation 5. Do Some Basic Planning 6. Set up your video studio 7. Create the course 8. Start creating your sales funnel 9. Get ready to publish! 10. Be ready to fail, learn, promote and repeat
There are many variations of Categories of Courses Available, You will get a full video from us about getting up ypour course for people to buy
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